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Dragon Ball Super Episode 64 Subbed

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    episode 64

    You are watching dragon ball super episode 64. Praise and Adore Him! The Explosive Birth of Merged Zamasu! Zamasu and Black Goku will finally merge and become one at last. Watch and download all Dragon Ball episodes English Subbed In HD Quality online. Watch db super Episodes Here. Like our facebook page!

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    • hemzeh

      goku and vegeta should do fusion as super sayain god blue

    • Gerson Coutinho

      Gogeta is needed lol

      • Jack Riesner


        • B Mar

          Ok guys it is obvious that ya know gods can fuse since we see them fuse since they have god power, so if goteta were to come back they wouldn’t have enough time to fuse nor have time to defeat them in the fusion, since ya know it only last 30mins, the portara earrings melted inside of buu they can’t have those also, and the more you attack black goku A.K.A Zamues or however you spell his name gets even more powerful the more you hit him, so it will be very hard to defeat these enemies. So idk what might happen

          • Saitou Kudo

            you forget the other supreme kais are there and they have their ear rings as well. Trunks could buy them some time while they put it on especially with goku’s instant transmission. I mean Zamues’ ear ring is exactly the same as one of the kai from the past (his teacher) so it stands to reason that it should still fuse them together.

            • B Mar

              Lol well we all know what happened now lmao

            • B Mar

              oh shit right

    • Mya Trout

      I’m hoping for Vegito to make a comeback.

      • Mark Ejay Elizalde

        I think vegito will comeback because the 2 kiaoshins have potara earing and decided not to leave the battle

        • Saiyaman08

          Yeah that’s what I figured. Why else would they have made the two Kai’s stay?

          • AceBean27

            I’m guessing Gowasu will sacrifice himself to somehow delay Zamasu, thus giving him a sort of redemption, and Kiaoshin will give them his earrings.
            That, or Goku will Maffuba them. Two birds – one jar.

      • B Mar

        The portara earrings melted, I din’t think that’s possible

    • metalvegetax

      Ok so I’m gonna tell you all what happens in 4 or 5 episodes zamuse and black fuse together then goku and vegeta do the same and in the process zamuse is no longer immortal /invincible cuZ it’s a new /diffrent body not the one granted immortality and let’s face it if he wasn’t immortal he’d be no problem to deal with so then either vegeto or gogeta depending if porta earings or dance is used for fusion Will kick his ass for a while but wait they get beat so bad that black and zamuse fusion is undone so goku uses the MAFUBA and traps him while vegeta and trunks kill black cuz the fusion dance wore off

    • metalvegetax

      Remember zamasu has an imortal body after the fusion there will be a new body and won’t be immortal

    • Jeremy

      i feel like goku is going to press the button of the god of all the universe by mistake and he is going to come and stop all of this

    • The Unknown ???

      They are still immortal but I’m sure gogeta will be the fusion to stop them

      • B Mar

        I don’t feel that’s completely true

    • Saiyaman08

      Man watching this episode on Saturday left me jumpy. Now I have to wait 4 days 3 hours and 29 minutes. I’m not sure I’ll last any longer. Man I thought episode 63 was a cliffhanger. But still…they kept the humor alive when Trunks was trying to learn the evil containment wave.

    • Austin

      So everyone’s just gonna forget goku still has a direct link to omni King

      • whiteknighta2990

        Goku will never use that willingly in this kind of scenario. He has too much pride for that.

        • Domineus Dan

          That would be Vegeta. In Goku’s place, it would be plain stupidity.

    • whiteknighta2990

      There is literally no other reason for those two gods to be there. They’re going to give up their earrings and Goku and Vegeta will fuse. Either that, or the two gods will fuse to try and buy them some time while they do their little dance. Whichever route they go, it won’t be happening next episode, possibly even the one after that.



    • Jhaymorisato

      Does everyone know fusion using the earrings can never go back the way they are? Do you think the writer would vanish goku or vegeta to be one.. I don’t think so.. Maybe they would just seal them.. It would be much easier now since they are one.. How? Bulma left another time machine on the past and master button will go with picollo and the others to deliver the forgotten seal and they will seal black and zamasu.. 🙂 might be possible right?

    • oberdamujigae

      Goku just HAD to forget the amulet…

    • Domineus Dan

      Of course they were going to merge. They have been using every other rainbow of moves listed under the cheap boss fight. Now to wait for the mandatory plot device to kick in to allow Goku to win. Followed by everyone thanking and praisin Goku, and mainly Goku, even though others helped.