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Dragon Ball Super Episode 65 Subbed

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    dragon-ball-65-2You are watching dragon ball super episode 65. Final Judgment?! The Supreme God’s Ulitimate Power!” will have a fight between Goku and Zamasu and Zamasu’s possible end. Watch and download all Dragon Ball episodes English Subbed In HD Quality online. Watch db super Episodes Here. Like our facebook page!

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    • Bilal Farooq

      waiting ……………………………………………………

    • Heck

      Is this the episode where he uses the Mufasa

    • Mecha Gab

      4 hours and 33 minutes and 10 seconds

    • Mikee Baera

      1 hour ,25 minutes and 15 seconds

    • Saiyaman08

      2 hours 54 minutes and 10 seconds It’s taking forever!!!

    • bob

      this sites behind like 5 hours lol the episode is already out subtitled


    • dsfsdf dsfsds

      58 more mins GG

      • bob

        this sites behind like 5 hours lol the episode is already out subtitled

        • Buddy


          • bob

            rly then why did i post a link to the newest episode 2 hours before it went up in this site…noob

    • Surfrajbreh

      28min 20sec

    • Shapokla

      yes! super saiyan blue vegetto, how badass is that!

      • XxxMmm

        there is no vegitto

        • HZGrenade

          Yes there is you retard.

        • Monster

          Yeah there is EP 66 preview

        • Prince Vegeta

          you are retarded if you didn’t see vegito

        • Daniel Toro

          Dumb ass hoe look at the episode preview

          • Raymond Riley

            Everyone n they mama kno that’s vegito

        • Cheese Louis

          Vegito is in the Fusion Saga from DBZ. :’D
          He is cannon. :3

      • Shabbir Ansari

        vegetto is not the best

        • Shapokla

          Super saiyan blue vegetto will be 😉

        • EpicLightning

          Actually according to cannon he is. Please learn to read.

          • FearTheSponge

            Gogetta doesn’t exist within canon at all.

            • Matt Bonnett

              Isn’t the janemba fight canon?..

            • FearTheSponge

              No, it’s a movie fight.

      • Simon

        would be better if it was gogeta he is more serious and more badass

        • Shapokla

          Yeah but vegetto is a stronger fusion

          • Simon

            No they are equals Vegito just don’t have a time limit

            • Shapokla

              In dbz the elder kai tells goku, kibito and the kaioshin that the potara fusion is much “more effective” than the fusion resulting from the fusion dance. Thats the only reason why goku prefered the fusion over the dance fusion even though they were supposed to stuck in vegettos body forever.

            • Mario A Tinoco

              They are not equals, in order to do the fusion with the dance it requires both Goku and Vegeta to have leveled power levels therefore whoever is stronger has to bring down their power level 2 be matched with the other thus making the Dance Fusion weaker than the potara

        • EpicLightning

          You are so confused. Gogeta is the one that has Goku’s playful personality. Vegetto is the absolute strongest saiyan in the entire series and is all business. Vegetto is 200%. Gogetta is 150%. ALSO, fusion dance has a time limit that is DECREASED as your power level goes up…meaning it would stupid as shit to have Gogetta.

          • Simon

            If you saw the fight against buu then you would know that he isn’t serious and now compare that to Gogeta who is 300% serious because he knows he only has a limited amount of time and I know that the reason Vegito didn’t kill buu was he wanted to free Gohan and the others even though it’s pointless because they would have been wished back anyway

          • Tyrion4Prez

            You have it backwards. Gogeta favors Goku’s looks but has Vegeta’s stern personality. Vegito favors Vegeta’s looks and has Goku’s playful personality. The duality is obvious when you look at it that way.

    • TranNghia
    • John

      That father son galick gun, gohan eat your heart out. :p

      • Edd Bartlett

        That was as good as goku and gohan

      • Josh Hines

        Why would they eat their heart out? Gokus single kamehameha was stronger than the dual galick gun , so a goku and gohan , hell even a goku and goten dual kameha would destroy trunks and vegeta

    • Beastmodeguy1000

      That was amazing! When I saw the preview for next week’s episode https://youtu.be/VLnWf1sQkjY?t=65

    • Saiyaman08

      I think I’m going to have a heart attack. I can’t wait a full week for the next episode! That Preview gave away too much and I can’t wait. Vegito! Yes! I called it!

      • Josh Murray

        I might have a heart attack with you bro. SUPER STOKED CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Beastmodeguy1000

      This was like the canon version of the 2nd Broly movie, but with Trunks and Vegeta. 😉 #LoveForVegetasFamily

    • Josh Murray

      Super Saiyan God Vegito OMG!!!

    • Fractorification

      That father son Galick Gun was epic!!

    • david doty

      Zamasu reminds me a lot of Cell, always underestimating his opponent then getting fucked by it in the end

    • Darcy Clouds Ducky

      next week is going to be fire kinda sad to see the end of black and Zamasu

    • AizenSamaKing X


    • Shenron Draguttsu

      http://watch-dbz.tv/ has this episode in better quality

    • Shahroxe ali

      ITS TOO muCh

    • Catalin Simion

      This shit has gone crazy..best arc in anime history.

    • Vegito SSGSS

      OMG , SSGSS Vegito are in episode 66!

    • Shabbir Ansari

      when this zamasu will end for ever die

    • Shabbir Ansari

      why you dont show the final of zamasu

    • Slages

      lolz to all who said they called it, it was totally obvious for them to fuze either by the potara earrings or fusion dance but fusion dance would make them Gogeta and Gogeta aint cannon so obviously Vegito

      • Simon

        they could have made gogeta canon

    • SoósGergő

      Potara fusion just got seriously underrated. Goku singlehandedly matching the fusion Zamasu’s energy is disappointing. At this rate they don’t need to fusion at all.

      • SuperSaiyanGodVegito

        It’s because zamaku or gomasu are immortal they could have been killed them before they fusion since they did it’s harder their personality is a mix between cell – smarts freiza- hate for humanity broly – blatant boundary less anger and power

      • 21 cɑɓɓɑgɛ ✞ #ŦRASħG㊉Ð

        Matching? He and Vegeta was getting wiped by Zamasu’s offense. I’m quite positive that energy struggle between their attacks drained Goku’s stamina while Zamasu has No End.

      • Shay Ahmed

        dumb idiot goku will lose so stop complaining

    • Edd Bartlett

      Vegito!!! Super saiyan god!!! Epic

    • Black

      Now this was some serious DBZ shit, I love it!

      • Soong WanJun

        sir this is DBS

        • Black

          Of course it is, I’m talking about the way this episode felt, it felt just like DBZ did back when I was still a kid, which is amazing.

    • Simon

      i still think they press the button goku got from zeno chan

      • Yanagi Sho

        Goku would never do that. He wants to win against Zamasu with his own power. To fight the strongest opponents. To become stronger through epic battles.

      • Acelin Chao

        no if he does that he will kill them for time traveling only kaioshin can time travel and only into the future

        • Simon

          well well well look who was right

    • michal

      Well I think that vegitto or vegetto despite his great power will not be able to defeat Zamasu. It would be great to see them lose but suddenly the great Zen-Oh will appear that is kind of friend with goku and he will put end to Zamasu. I hope to see the power of Zen-Ho!! cos his appearance is so childish. Another scenario maybe that Hit comes with help (the guy that could stop time for 5 s) and help in fighting Zamasu. This is unlikely to happen but I wish I could see him fighting Zamasu aside with vegeta and goku. Also why songo does not uses his secret technique (Kaioken) that increases his power 5-10 times, that would be great to see again.

      • Miguel Cruz

        Easy because of the side effect of the Kaioken you id. If you don’t recall using Kaioken at the god mode level would cause goku to have enormous about of muscle fatigue and loss of all power temporary. He’d be a sitting duck and would cause more harm to everyone else because they would have to protect him.

        • michal

          And he did Kaioken it seems that I was right around 50 % what I said in the first post

      • Yanagi Sho

        Vegetto will definitely win. If you haven’t seen episode 66 preview, the attack are finally working. He’s becoming weaker. He’s going to perish in the end. Half of him became monster-like purple.

        • michal

          Or this is what they want you to think ;P

          • Yanagi Sho

            I don’t think that they will ruin Son Goku’s image. I don’t think Goku will risk with Kaioken either. As I said before, Goku wants to win with his own power, so he wouldn’t call for help of the all powerful God.

            • michal

              Well they did 🙂

      • FearTheSponge

        Too soon for Zeno, Beerus could arguably defeat fused Zamasu, let alone whis, let alone the top dogs, let alone zeno.

        • michal

          But Zamasu already killed all the gods, considering that Beerus has similar power in both worlds he would not be able to win this fight. But I think they did not make the powers proportional cos if they killed all the gods before fusion than it means that beerus was weaker than goku which is not the case. I think the creators did not think so far :).

          • Balazs Zavaczki

            You are forgetting that if the Kaioshin die then so does the god of destruction. They never had to defeat Beerus. If they killed the Kaioshin first, all the gods of destruction would have died with them.

          • FearTheSponge

            Beerus dies if the supreme kai does. The other gods simply haven’t gotten involved.

            • Najiik Pierce

              However, Zamasu still lives he is a supreme kai, why hasn’t the god of destruction from universe 10 done anything?

        • michal

          well, at the end Zeno will appear i episode 67 :P, though after fight 🙂

    • Nobody told me Zamasu had a freaking Susano’o.

      • NarutoFan

        yup, thought the same thing hahaha

    • Skor TheFuture

      Im just waiting for the next pile of bullshit theyre gonna throw at us to unfuse vegito at the end.

      • Acelin Chao

        they can use the dragon balls kibito kai used it to unfuse

    • Slages

      It’s nice to see that there is a limit to Zamazu’s regeneration even tho he is immortal it takes me back to Vegito vs Super Buu cause Buu is said to be immortal too and yet Vegito was able to inflict enough damage to make even Buu struggle to regenerate his cells and limbs

    • ADN

      everyone is happy about the father and son galick gun but I’m happy to see android 6 he is the realist nigga out there

      • Acelin Chao

        Android 8*

    • Robert Hunter

      why can’t it be in english?

      • mike perez

        its better in JAP!!! come on. yo…..

    • Dean

      Well i dont wanna spoil it but i quess that the button goku has from the god of everything will be final solution and he will kill or remove the immortality of zamazu. But i wait for next episode that battle will be epiic

    • Saiyaman08
    • william313134

      Why didn’t trunks just give the sensu bean to vegeta when he got shot?
      Probably in the next episode

    • FearTheSponge

      I’m just excited to play Zamasu in a future video game with all the amazing specials he has in his fused state.

    • Alice Fateburn

      The Galick Gun scene reminded me of the Kamehameha scene in the Broly movie.

    • jaskes

      Thanks for the fucking spoilers you fucking cunts

    • Adonis Thee Model

      since when Goku Black can produce a Shadow like in blue dragon???? lml

    • Silverkyo

      Father and Son Kamehameha was good but Father and Son Galick Gun is better

    • Shayan Naveed

      This video doesn’t plat for me I have tried everywhere as well but it’s the same problem