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Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 Subbed

  • Note: Video can take some time to load.

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    • Saiyaman08

      Oh man…The suspense is killing me

    • Zach Sixx Biersack

      thats gogeta mofo not vegito

      • Saiyaman08

        In the picture maybe, but in the preview, you can clearly tell it’s Vegito

      • Rhumil Jheymz

        Vegito = ear rings fusion
        Gogeta = fusion technique

    • David Andrew Hall

      Gogeta will wipe the flor with him

    • Immortal Witch

      is it just me why they have Gogeta pic at the bottom but in the previews they shows Vegito….(Mind blown)

    • Saiyaman08

      The peak of suspense is after you watch the preview for the next episode and an hour before you can actually watch it. Ever since episode 60 this is how it has been for me.

    • super saiyan god


    • super saiyan god

      i cannot wait for episode 66 the preview is very thrilling

    • Saiyaman08

      8 hours and 3 minutes!!! Can’t wait!!

    • rey

      Pls hurry, 66.

    • balls

      guys 4 more hours!!!!!!

      • Saiyaman08


      • Josh Murray

        Yeah Balls. Lol 4 hours left lmao lol

    • Josh Murray

      I can’t wait everyone!

    • Son Goku

      3 Hours..

    • Black Gosu

      Someone have youtube channel where cant share the video on live ?

    • 2 hours away..

    • SuperSaiyanGodVegito

      It’s almost time for the battle of the century

    • Mike James

      1 hour and 27 minutes

    • Jeysson

      how long for subs?
      any guesses?

      • george miller

        I SAW A youtube livestream eng sub it’s like 2 hours

    • SuperSaiyanGodVegito

      Omfg 10 minutes

    • george miller

      eight minutes. but I don’t understand japanese!

    • KoztilamP Gamings

      I can understand some Japanese so it’s not that bad for meh

    • Kaio what!?

    • KoztilamP Gamings

      Damn that fight was lit, literally

    • Saiyaman08

      31 minutes….URGGGG!!!!!! The suspense is enough to kill me

    • CoryWithDaBleach

      im about to kill myself of anticipation for this episode

    • CoryWithDaBleach

      3 secs

    • Daniel S.

      still not subbed -.-

    • Heavy Hitler

      Oh good another one that says subbed but isnt, thanks for nothing.

    • Ashish Gupta

      use dragon ball time for subs

      • mathews


        • Ashish Gupta

          mathews..it is an anime site and it releases latest episodes earlier than other

      • Delaverga Uni

        dragonball time sucks, requires ad block off and even then theres annoying pop ups and sound playing on the page or background

        • Ashish Gupta

          yeah it sucks but it comes early on that

          • Delaverga Uni

            Nah, I have a life and schedule. I don’t care about watching it sooner. The episodes are supposed to air Sunday but we get them Saturday night because websites stream and upload them for us free. The problem I have is trying to watch something and get annoying pop ups and sound in background. I think daisuki is better and will probably just sub to them again now that this stupid arc is ending and the good stuff is coming.

    • Ashish Gupta

      subbed will come in about 40mins

    • Jacob Kozlowski

      Was that a spirit sword epic i only thought goku could do sprit bomb they added a whole new level to trunks

      • Ashish Gupta

        that is Vegito’s spirit sword

      • Ashish Gupta

        and check Geekdom101 on youtube for appropriate information on dragon ball

      • The Peoples Savior

        maybe thats what the actual z sword was suppose to be when it broke

      • Daniel S.

        yeah of course Trunks got stronger then ssj Blue Vegito lol really that was little to much Power Ups for Trunks . Piccolo need this kind of Power UP

        • Mbanwei Desmond

          i dont think the power which was given to trunks was more than he deserved because, trunks did thesame kind of training like Goku and best of it all was, he trained continuously for TEN YEARS. so on my oppinion, trunks should have been able to be a ss blue with much more power than goku

        • Number Streets

          Trunks didn’t get stronger than ssj blue vegito notice when he charges he says “we’ll defeat you” as in all of humanity. There is no power greater than unity and I thank toriyama for that inspiring message.

    • CoryWithDaBleach

      fucking wow

    • mathews

      man we have to wait an hour

    • Saiyaman08


    • Thomas Mugga


    • Thomas Mugga

      Gokus still a pussy

    • street bully


    • Sakura

      fk it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! subs not coming!!! guess i dont need subs!! im not fluent in Japanese for no reason!!!!!!

    • Mervin Manalo

      was watching a livestream of subbed episode 66 when my laptop decided to auto restart. took its sweet time to load back up. now the livestream has ended. fuck my life.

    • Sakura

      god sum1 kill me.. now i wanna see the next episode T_T lol

    • The Peoples Savior

      that episode was soo damnn good

    • Max-Ryan mirville

      that punch clash with tht face expression and the epic soundtrack i got nostalgic

    • Michael M.

      They should have made Trunks absorb The energy to transform to a SSJ White(The Pure God Form)

    • Catalin Simion

      ePIC AF

    • Cell

      Bs,they gave potara a time limit,and made up a Bs excuse… Vegito vs super buu was like 2 hours… This ends in like 5 min.trunks too op pls nerf

      • Saiyan Of Light

        In Dbz is was Super Vegito, yes 2 hours, in this episode he was SS Blue which uses so much KI

        • Cell

          Still,if potara apparently has a time limit,then super Vegito should have ran out at least in like 45 min.gotenks had like 5 min and they still dragged out his fight…Basically,Vegito could have had more screen time

          • Andrey Dikit

            I think you underestimate the raw power of ss blue.

          • Vaibhav Khandelwal

            Dude pitara fusion can’t be reversed

      • Delaverga Uni

        Yeah, the supreme kai told Goku that once they wear the potara earring that it would be permanent fusion. Now he says it will last an hour for “mortals” then they find out he used a lot of ki which shortens it. Honestly, I think the fusion dance is more reliable because it just requires them to be even in ki and lasts the full 30 minutes. Nothing was said about elongating or shortening the fusion. Except in GT where Goku was fatigued and shortened the fusion. It is BS but whatever :p

        • Mbanwei Desmond

          your pts make sense based on the history of db, but guys, the power difference between now and in GT is extremely overwhelmingly great. come to think of it!!!

      • Lyrical Carnage

        They listened to us and cut out filler… I don’t know what it is you want lol

      • Dragon-Lord Ember

        So? Goku’s fight with Freeza was 5 mins, but it lasted hours!

    • Fries

      The fight scene was good. But come on. This episode was straight bs. This prob the last we gonna see of future Trunk since he’s so op now. Future trunks> Vegito…. Any ways, yall ruined future trunks from start. Bring back Gohan and Piccolo, DB S* is started to look like a joke.

    • phoenix0316

      That was awesome. I’ll settle with 10 minutes of Vegito. Yes Trunks is that powerful, he’s been getting beat up by Goku black and trained with vegeta and senzu’ed over and over, plus he’s like Broly. Also, it’s not like we didn’t see Vegito beat Zamasu’s brains in, so I’m sure that evened it out.

    • superior/Tech/animie/man

      listen to mondo ezz super sayain it is a great song produced by my friend give it a thumbs up too thank you

    • Kyle Smith

      Best episode ever, however I believe they should have let him go blue ffs !

    • Lone Saiyan Warrior

      Gr8 episode….. Waiting 4 more!!! Keep it going

    • To be fare, I think having Trunks being the one who won the fight was a smart move. Trunks needs to get stronger to protect his future so he doesn’t have to keep breaking the laws with time travel to try and reverse the effects in the future.

    • Psybernetic

      I’m no the type to leave comments on videos, but this time is an exception. I understand some people complaining about Vegito getting ripped off, but I respectfully disagree with all of them. The entire Zamasu chapter has given fans so many things they’ve always wanted. Just the idea that SSB Goku and Vegeta team up with a Future Trunks to battle an insanely powerful enemy is like an explosion of fan dreams come true. They didn’t even have to throw in a Vegito at all but they did, and we got to see the Final Kamehameha used in blue form. Epic. But in the end, having Trunks make the final blow is not only genius writing, but makes sense. Think about it: Trunks is the only Saiyan alive in his timeline to protect the world. Unlike Goku and Vegeta whose drive to get stronger is simply that they want to be stronger than everyone else, Trunks doesn’t have a competitive drive. His isn’t an option. He HAS to be stronger. He’s literally the only hope for the world in his timeline. Also, every major battle Trunks has ever fought in has been against a dual-enemy. The androids, cyborg Frieza and King Cold, and now Zamasu and Black… he’s got more experience fighting a dual power than any other Saiyan fighter, and more reason to become the best. It only makes sense that because of all those factors, as the Saiyan bearing the responsibility as sole defender of the world, he should be the one to land the killing stroke on Zamasu. That’s my take on it, and I think this is one of the most beautiful episodes of DB ever written and aired. I wish critics would stop nitpicking all the details and just enjoy Toriyama’s work of art he made for us.

    • Lyrical Carnage

      How fitting, Trunks cuts an opponent in half… now I wonder where I’ve seen that before…

    • NarutoFan

      fastest spirit bomb

    • Mbanwei Desmond

      m sorry for commenting this late, but did you guys enjoy trunks action?? his killing mode!! he killed zamasu exactly thesame way he killed the other freezer. i think Trunk has attained or probably surpassed the power of goku and his dad. well, its obvious because the higher the generation, the more powerful they get. and another amaxing thing is that, trunk is the second person in the whole of dragon ball, to summon the UNIVERSAL POWER; and his is better than Goku’s because, Goku used it for a mega kamehameha while trunk actually incorporated it in his sword and fought with it !!!!

      He rocks guys

    • frankie arnold

      It’s kind of bs to have trunks knocked tf out by ssj3 then become stronger than ssjb vegito? I understand the whole trunks is the true savior of the future but to give him ssjbf and the ability to create a spirit bomb AND the power to kill someone vegito didn’t AND that someone also killed every single god and considering he grew in strength while fighting to overpower them, that would mean he was stronger than beerus at the beginning of the fight and by the end was at least 3x that so basically future trunks can kill beerus easily?

    • Bruce Wayne

      Idc what anyone says, that was the most satisfying conclusion. Mirai no Torankusu is the best character in the DB universe.

    • Louis Belmonte

      I say the omni king (who is in next weeks episode was watching the whole time and had a lot to do with it. Just wait). More importantly I hope this isn’t the end of super. They should follow the xenoverse story or similar to it. It’d be fun. But no more fusions. And nothing past ssblue or ssrose

    • Xexceed

      I can’t help but feel DBS is rushed, where is the suspense during a transformation? Why are the battles so short? When battles are so short whereas they used to be long and great in DBZ, it feels rushed and it doesn’t feel as important. If the series keeps on going like this I might have to chalk it up as yet another DragonBall GT.


    • Dragon-Lord Ember

      Trunks did spend years training under Supreme Kai. It’s not that far of a stretch to say he could have learned the spirit bomb.

    • Corrector

      17:43 xD

    • oberdamujigae

      Trunks just have to slice up every enemies he come across.
      this episode is truly amazing! one of the best in the series