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Dragon Ball Super Episode 67 Subbed

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    dragon-ball-super-episode-67That was an amazing slash! You really did a good job Trunks! New hope in our hearts. Watch and download all Dragon Ball episodes English Subbed In HD Quality online. Watch db super Episodes Here. Like our facebook page!

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    • Ghonesty Cardinal

      Awesome finish that Spirit Slash was Father-son Galic Gun epic about time they kick Zamasu around some Vegito timeout 👎🏼💯 but Trunks should be our hero it definitely showed some character potential 67:.. Let’s go 💨

    • Saiyaman08

      5 hours and 48 minutes! Can’t wait!

    • Angel Mendez

      I binged watched all night to get here from episode 18! This is intense

      • Saiyaman08

        That was me when I was waiting for episode 66

        • Angel Mendez

          This was a great arc

      • Tom Cuellar

        I binged watched until the champa arc back when that was airing haha. Ever since I tuned in every weekend!

        • Angel Mendez

          It was worth the loss of sleep.. i love this episode

      • Wisehonaru

        I binged watched thanksgiving night until 7pm this evening from episode 40, to get here. I have no idea how you did it from episode 18, that’s sooooo many episodes.

    • Ginanjar Bambang

      pending or not?

    • Nico Khalili

      So. 5 hourst until it is realeased with eng sub ?

    • AsurasPath22

      All this showed was character asspulls. This arc really had horrible writing. Still better than the first 3 arcs I guess.

      • Anugrah Putra Wijaya

        contong ae nek nggambleh koyo lendot.. xD

        • Wimo Sasazaki

          lambe ne dikondisikan coeg…ning podo wae sih kono yo ra mudeng og XD

      • Ap23

        Shut the hell up this was by far one the best arcs of Dragonball period and it had great writing. All you showed was just being a hater lol

        • TheLight

          Please. Knocking Vegito apart when earring fusion is supposed to be permanent? That’s bullshit. Trunks creating a spirit bomb blade for his sword? Toriyama really pulled that one right out of his ass. The arc was good right up until that episode and then it went completely off the rails.

          • GhostieMcGhost

            That’s what I don’t get. Why didn’t they just have Goku and Vegeta do the fusion dance instead? That’d be way better than retconning established canon. God this arc was awful.

        • GhostieMcGhost

          Kek, another blind fanboy.
          ‘great writing’ LMAO.

        • Grey

          it is bad like come on and the last part when summoning the omni potent god, like ffs. If he was still around to begin with they could’ve summoned him to help out and since zamasu killed all gods in the future then since the omni king WAS around they could’ve called him. All those struggle bullshit just to end like that by the omni king, don’t you think it’s fucking terrible?! Great writing my ass, spirit bomb blade, fusion by earings instead of the dance.. etc and forgetting the talisman for the seal??! Come on, I can’t take the show seriously like this. It’s like a semi serious comedy anime.

          • Damon Albarn

            yes, they’ve lost their taste in discrete comedy. It’s just too forced in DB Z. They shouldn’t made Goku so stupid. He was innocent, not stupid. That’s a big difference. Also They’ve made Vegita too soft. Really, Vegita making clown of himself? Proud Vegita who would better chose death then gave up on his pride? True Vegita doesn’t give a shit if world has come to end if it’s his pride matter. It’s just dissapointment how he bows before Beerus. Even Bulma has more guts.
            There’s many more incosistency like Goku fighting with Beerus can breath in space void (funny, he was even heavily breathing… in space void…) then Pan was flying in space void, and other times they’ve warned people that They will die in space void… Even Vegeta has problem with oxygen when was fighting that big robot… It’s those small things that ruin whole picture… We’ve heard in Dragon Ball Z that amongs “mortal” only Frieza can survive in empty void of space.

    • Secret King

      when is it gonna starr

    • Ammu Kutty

      WATCH LIVE ON —-> dbsuper.xyz

      • Tom Cuellar

        Or dont. What a horrible live show

    • Emperor Boo


    • Anugrah Putra Wijaya

      wo gaple i, gapleeeeeeee~ kukot wae kukoooot..

    • FCR

      dislike db world! worst live stream

    • Wimo Sasazaki

      What the f… is going on!!?? wahhh server e koyo pacet….ngono we ra kuaaaaatttt

      • Anugrah Putra Wijaya

        uyuh uyuh uyuh

        • Wimo Sasazaki

          sopo koweeeeehhh!!?? wani ne mung nyocot tok

          • Anugrah Putra Wijaya

            aku nam li, opo koweeeeh..

    • Cosmin

      WATCH NOW LIVE ! click here

    • Seya

      Dragon ball super episode 68 https://www.stage32.com/jobs/390972/Enclose

    • Mehh Pachuau

      the gohan part made me cry is gohan doesn’t make a comeback in the next arc i would stop watching super

      • Ap23

        No you will keep watching trust me

      • Tom Cuellar

        Goodluck watching super lmao

    • Saiyaman08

      What the freaktards. What an ending. Best DB Super arc so far. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

    • Jamilton South

      Muito bom o site nota 10

    • Youtubers

      What about those people in the future

    • Joshua Eteshola

      wibbly wobbly timey wimey, this arc in a nutshell.

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    • D-truth

      ?????…… I feel like they just could have stoped after the slash but I’ll let goku’s tactical nuke slide.

    • Alex Zander

      the animation is back to being garbage…

      • David Huggens

        its a Super long term series. No huge series makes lesser and filler episodes flawless for hundreds of episodes. Sorry SUPER is not Super Saiyan God mode all the time for you.

    • David Huggens

      its Annoying to read Complainers opinions. They should stop watching Dragon Ball and anime all together. There are many Dragon Ball positively awesome aspects and original humor, action and nostalgic Dragon Ball moments in the Super series to appreciate. Zen Oh Sama should destroy the haters aka ZAMASU’s…. every complainer should be deemed a Zamasu. Who agrees????

      • Grey

        So you’d prefer the show continue having these “problems” ?? As a fan I’d rather complain about the bad parts, hoping that they’d change! Though I don’t expect them too but it’s the same logic you used, if you don’t like it then ignore our opinion. You don’t give a fuck right? Then just continue watching your “perfect show”

      • Damon Albarn

        Original humor? No, it’s just bad rehearsal of humor from previous series most of the time. There are some good jokes but not not very often.

    • Pami Adhitya

      what an epic story..

      btw, who is the dubber for Zeno Sama? I really like him since the first time, his voice so cute ^_^

      (sorry for my bad english).

    • KingKoi

      Seriously? If you guys were real anime fans and if so knew at least a little bit about Japan, you as well knew that if you train with a sword all your life it basically becomes a part of your body. Its true, I do martial arts as well and have witnessed this phenomenon myself. In terms of dragonball logic and even real world logic that is a 100% possible. If you can create a fucking energy ball out off your hand and make it fucking explode, you are DEFINETELY able to let your energy flow your energy through a tool of your choice. I loved the last episode it had some of the best animations in Dragon Ball history.

      • frankie arnold

        That may be true, but the only person who’s actually trained and mastered the spirit bomb is Goku and yes I said mastered because king Kai himself said he hasn’t mastered his own move so how could trunks not only create something he has no idea how to make, but do it while not even trying while Goku has to stop and focus, but also change it and make it unique to him? And on the subject why did a spirit bomb from a handful of people able to kill a god when a universal spirit bomb had to be created in order to kill makin buu? A being far less powerful?

        • Dragon-Lord Ember

          Well Trunks did train with Supreme Kai for years, so it’s not much of a stretch to say that he learned how to do it during that time. He probably learned it off screen, like Goku did.

          • frankie arnold

            Yes he trained with Supreme kai, but it’s king kais move so supreme wouldn’t know it to teach it in the first place

    • Dragon-Lord Ember

      You’re kidding, right?

    • oberdamujigae

      with two Zeno-samas around in one time will definitely make all the Gods wary hahaha

    • Usman Butt

      What was that ? Aika Toyota ! nice writing but All that Trouble for Nothing ! all of Trunks Struggle ,
      Figuring out BLACK’s true identity , 3 Times traveling back & fourth in time , Fighting to the Death ,

      20 Episodes on Future Trunks Arc , and Result = 0. all struggle got wasted by the hands of Omni King and Stupid Goku.also there are some mistakes in Super also in DBZ. however this was the Best Arc but the Ending was completely opposite of what We were expecting.

    • bigjjohnson21

      What about the people from trunks original world? Shouldnt they have used the dragon balls to bring it all back? Instead of going to a different world… all those people are still dead wtf.

    • Ashutosh Sharma

      how to reduce the video quality to 360p… please help