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Dragon Ball Super Episode 68 Subbed

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    Come Forth, Shenlong! dragon-ball-super-episode-68 Watch and download all Dragon Ball episodes English Subbed In HD Quality online. Watch db super Episodes Here. Like our facebook page!

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    • Saiyaman08
    • super saiyan god

      how are you everybody

    • super saiyan god
    • Nilesh Dinanath Upadhyay


    • Devin Murphy

      I wonder when Goku or Vegeta will transform into an Omni-God…

      • DBSfaN

        It might happen , who knows??

      • Nameless


    • SSJEthan

      Why does it have to take a long time to load

    • Natsu Dragneel

      Shenron was basically holding in a piss .-. he has bladder problems, *sighs* Goku and everyone just gotta understand his pain.

    • Monster

      I am ashamed that as a dbz fan that has always watch the EP at launch I didn’t because of watching YU GI OH…

      • Wisehonaru

        not like you missed anything, this episode was completely garbage filler, that was slightly entertaining, but offered nothing in terms of story or continuity.

    • Delaverga Uni

      10 million zeni for gals? They’re just going to be with him temporary, so he got cheated a wish. Does anyone know who that girl is? She looks like an android. (Arale) I’ve seen her before in DB I think, maybe it was just chichi or her friend I saw that look similar.

      • Lisa

        She is from another manga Toriyama does Dr Slump. There were cross over episodes in Dragon Ball RR arc.

    • casting one

      This episode DBS 68 is very bad https://www.stage32.com/jobs/390972/Enclose

    • casting one

      This episode DBS 68 is very bad https://www.stage32.com/jobs/390972/Enclose

    • Jared Turner

      Why is this video not loading???

    • Vova

      What a waste of an episode!

    • hesgotart

      check out my dragon ball super art @hesgotart:disqus on instagram!

    • Nameless


    • jay12

      what a bummer i think ill just past on the next eppisode

    • Febreez3

      i never wanted to stab a group of anime characters until this episode. holy shit….

    • Michael Campbell

      I’m trying to watch all Dragon Ball episode where do I go to how do I do it

    • Domineus Dan

      Wow, everyone is so mean to King Kai. Then again, they have a point. Not much difference being dead or alive in this show. Even Goku said in a previous episode that, when he turned god for the first time, that he must not be dead since he died two times already and the feeling was different.