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Dragon Ball Super Episode 70 Subbed

  • Note: Video can take some time to load.

    dragon-ball-super-70Fight with the guys from Universe 6 again? Champa challenge! This time we fight with baseball. Watch and download all Dragon Ball super episodes English Subbed In HD Quality online. Watch db super Episodes Here. Like our facebook page!

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    • A Person With a Name

      Could Yamcha be useful this episode? We’ll find out in about 11 hours…

      • Yo Gotti

        shut up

      • cat


        • W.D Gaster

          he was

    • Harshal

      5 mins to go 😂

    • Shenron Draguttsu

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    • AsurasPath22

      This got me cracking up. Especially Gohan’s reaction to Goku’s stupidity.

    • A School Idol Otaku

      Poor Yamcha……..

    • OMG! The preview for episode 71. Goku’s going to die?!

      • kobe

        maybe 0-0

      • hahah

      • You Mu

        Yes and Gohan lose his control and may be a Super Saiyan White

        • Delaverga Uni

          Gohan hasnt been training. I think they gave us a spoiler when Champa looked at Gohan and said he could take hits.

        • That would be awesome. I’ve been waiting for Gohan to have an important role. He was one of my favorite characters in DBZ. He deserves a chance at greatness again.

    • Wonder if Yamcha actually shines in this, cause he did play baseball before

    • frankie villa
    • Anthony Rowan

      Load please ugggg

    • Afiq Angel

      when goku vs beerus.. beerus not bleed at all.. hahaha.. only among gods can’t make them bleed badly..lols

    • Kotha Parashuram

      when is episode 71 gonna come?????????

    • gokussjrose
    • Rhache99

      “I remember seeing this pose somewhere…”, “it’s a bitter memory” – highlight!

    • Clark Kent

      Great episode but I wanted to see more Goten.

      • Ajay Paulose

        he and saiyaman were in the next preview.

        • Goku’s gonna die, so maybe they are going to play some important role in the upcoming arc.

    • Catalin Simion
    • Ajay Paulose

      There is still some drama there… Feels kinda awkward.
      Glad this wasn’t a whole arc

    • Matty

      The Hit in next episode’s preview is probably Universe 7’s Hit who we haven’t met yet. Just a guess

    • Nameless

      Lame 😏

    • Jeremy Vigil

      I could only imagine if I tried loading in HD still waiting 20 mins later 😩

    • Febreez3

      this was the funniest shit i ever seen in anime

    • Domineus Dan

      For Yamcha not having gotten much stronger since the early Android Saga, one has to give him props to survive the hits of a few gods and the near destruction of the universe if only to score a point.