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Dragon Ball Super Episode 71 Subbed

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    dragon-ball-71-freshdbzAssassination Order that Must be Performed. Dragon Ball Super episode 71 suggest that the assassin could be Hit and another villain wants to see our hero Goku dead. Watch and download all Dragon Ball super episodes English Subbed In HD Quality online. Watch db super Episodes Here. Like our facebook page!


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    • Man…1 day 10 hours and 44 minutes. I can’t wait!!

      • Ukuzen Kaeda

        me neither my friend….

    • kira san

      I think they already reached the peak of awesomeness in Goku Black arc. I bet they won’t be able to make anything better.

      • fred

        That arc was indeed fantastic, but with the other 10 Gods of the universes and stories I’ve been hearing I think the Goku Black arc will be topped without doubt, just wait for the Universe Tournament arc and see.

    • Guyver01

      They act like death has consequence.

      • Aldian Isaacs

        it isnt the fact that he died really it’s just how fast he died given that he is so powerful

      • Kip

        I don’t think anyone can bare to see the strongest person they know dead. Like yeah they can revive him but if there’s someone out there strong enough to take him down that easily then there’s no hope.

    • Kazzoro

      Looks like the animation for next week is gonna be episode 5 status…

    • endoplasmic

      well now we know for sure that whis hired hit to kill goko as a part of traning . saiyans are known to increase their power level when there get near death or even death it self !!! 🙂