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Dragon Ball Super Episode 72 Subbed

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    dragon-ball-super-hit-72Counter-attack? An Invisible Assassination Skill. Luckily, “Dragon Ball Super 72” will not be on hiatus during the holidays so fans can still enjoy their favorite “Dbs” series this Christmas. Watch and download all Dragon Ball super episodes English Subbed In HD Quality online. Watch db super Episodes Here. Like our facebook page!

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    • Usman Butt

      Why everyone wants to kill this Stupid , Useless … Goku ?

      • TeKiboy

        Don’t compare Goku to superman. Goku is not your typical super hero.

        • Usman Butt

          Superman is also not my hero.

      • Bingu Bongu

        stupid pakistani faggot
        go kill yourself

        • Ali Hassan

          Bingu Dnt say anything About pakistan Otherwise i will kill u

    • Usman Butt

      Ending of Future Trunks arc was completely Wrong …
      future was destroyed because of Goku ,, goku was careless.. but Vegeta was really serious about the future of his future Son,,,… Bakwass ! Aika Toyama…

    • frankie arnold

      so… Hit is Obito Confirmed!?!?!?

    • zero

      Goku is battle smart, not book smart, hes probably the greatest battle strategist in the series