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Dragon Ball Super Episode 73 Subbed

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    freshdbz episode 73The Great Saiyaman and Mister Satan will have their dream match in a movie! Evil can’t be forgiven! The ally of Justice, Great Saiyaman – Gohan appears! Watch and download all Dragon Ball super 73 episode English Subbed In HD Quality online. Watch db super Episodes Here. Like our facebook page!

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    • christopher solomon

      For me dragon ball series ended in GT even though it was widely critiqued. Super tries to brings back good ol’ memories from the dbz days but, they are failing hard. If they really want to revive the series, I feel they should make better fight scenes, engaging story arc and more memorable villains in super to regain its former glory instead of adding unnecessary overpowered transformations and weak ass story lines, not to mention the stupid fillers.

      I also hate the fact that Vegeta is a pussy in super. I miss the old badass Vegeta.

      • idan

        U R right
        though I really want gohan to come back to what he was the ultra gohan that vegeta got mad cause’ he surpassed him when he was younger ^_^ XD

      • Grey

        Gt isn’t cannon tho so it’s an entire different series, and I believe dbz super is better than GT just that you are also right in most cases like how vegeta is kinda weak looking although he managed to get ssb as well, i hope everytime there are scenes where vegeta holds himself in getting frustrated by everyone saying goku this and goku that to lead or save everyone, not once did anyone mention vegeta or both of them together. I do hope that is to build some kinda frustration for vegeta to eventually burst and become as badaass as possible in the future eps! Like seriously, there needs to be some vegeta kicking ass and saving the world too not just goku.. i mean even trunks had his moments..

      • NeverTrustCrazy

        Super isn’t as good as DBZ but it’s easily better than GT IMO.

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